Kim Kardashian's NOT Dropping Baby Name Hints with Louis Vuitton Posts

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The name of Kim and Kanye‘s third child remains a mystery but, despite juicy Internet speculation, it has NOTHING to do with Louis Vuitton. We’re told Kim’s Instagram post of the iconic Louis Vuitton print Wednesday that whipped fans into a frenzy was meant to honor Kim Jones, not drop a baby name hint. We’re told Jones — LV’s menswear designer since 2011 — showed his latest collection on the runway Wednesday night, so Kim K’s post was simply a shout-out. Jones also once designed a shoe with Kanye. Adding fuel to this Louis Vuitton baby name theory is the fact Kim also shared a shot of her trash bins plastered with the LV logo a few days before their baby girl was born, but again … we’re told it’s just a coincidence. As for any true leads on the baby name … Kanye’s no help...

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Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her 'Mom of 3' Snap Back Bod

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Kim Kardashian‘s body is snapping back in record time! Ditto for her sense of humor.  Hours after announcing she and Kanye West had a new baby girl — via surrogate — Kim posted this ridiculously hot shot of herself with “#momofthree.”  Based on her tongue-in-cheek post, we’d say the new mom is in a great mood. Still no announcement on a name of the new addition to the fam — but they had a sweet celebration Tuesday, courtesy of a cake delivery from Grandma Kris. Hope the cake doesn’t ruin Kim’s bounce back diet!  Source Article from...

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Taylor Swift Files Trademark for 'Big Reputation'

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Taylor Swift is banking on her reputation … check that, her “Big Reputation,” and ditto on her signature. The singer’s company — TAS Rights Management, LLC — filed docs to lock down the rights to “Big Reputation” … which is a lyric in her song “End Game,” off her latest album, “Reputation.” Taytay’s looking to slap “Big Reputation” on a bunch of merch — including sunglasses, cell phone cases, pajamas and gloves. She’s also locking down her “Taylor Swift” signature … for bathrobes, hair pins, dolls and toy glow sticks. It’s interesting … she’s been hawking merch with her signature since 2009, but the trademark move would give her more legal protection against knockoffs. Take that,...

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Halle Berry Goes Commando for NAACP Image Awards

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Halle Berry wasn’t getting her panties in a bunch over her wardrobe at the NAACP Image Awards this week … which is easy when you’re not wearing any. Halle glowed on the red carpet Monday in Pasadena in a sheer dress that showed off what appeared to be the actress going commando. That’s our angle, anyway. Can’t say we’re complaining either — she looks absolutely stunning at 51 … with or without her undies.  Coming for you 2018 A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry) on Jan 4, 2018 at 11:47am PST Halle’s been taking a less-is-more approach to 2018 so far. Keep it up,...

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Milan Fashion Week's Dolce & Gabbana Show Featured a Ton of Celeb's Kids

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The Dolce & Gabbana show at Milan Fashion week was littered with the offspring of celebs. Both of Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee‘s kids walked the runway … so did the spawn of Diddy, Daniel Day-Lewis, James Marsden, Jude Law and Pierce Brosnan. It’s not the first time famous kids have flooded Milan for the event … it’s also seen the likes of Sofia Richie, Hailey Baldwin, along with Sistine and Sophia Stallone take its runways. Check out our gallery … winning the gene pool lottery definitely has its...

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Buster Skrine Says 0-16 Browns Would Beat Alabama

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Here’s a small silver lining for Cleveland fans … no matter how embarrassing their 0-16 season was, ex-Browns star Buster Skrine says there’s one team his old squad can still beat: ‘BAMA!!! TMZ Sports asked the N.Y. Jets stud whether the best college football team can beat the NFL’s worst team … and Buster says they’re 2 totally different beasts in favor of the Browns. Speaking of the Browns’ winless season, Skrine hopes Jets fans NEVER plan a parade for locking the No. 1 overall pick like they did in Cleveland. BONUS — Skrine says he’s the most fashionable guy in sports … and he lets his boots do the...

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Kendall Jenner Goes Nude Under See-Through Raincoat

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Kendall Jenner got caught out in the rain with no clothes on … but at least she had a see-through raincoat handy to cover up. Jenner went completely nude — sort of — for a wet and wild photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar … she’s their cover girl for the February 2018 Spring Fashion Preview issue. Kendall seems to be channeling her inner Jennifer Beals from “Flashdance” here, but substitutes a leotard with a clear Chanel raincoat and boots. Still makes quite a...

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Marlon Wayans Says H&M is Stupid for Not Hiring Black People

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Marlon Wayans thinks H&M was doomed to run into a buzz saw by releasing ads with no vetting from black people. We got Marlon at LAX Tuesday and asked about the backlash over H&M’s racist ad showing an African-American child wearing a “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle” hoodie. His simple message … “We ain’t having that sh*t no more.” The comedian’s got an easy, pragmatic fix to avoid future fiascoes like this. That is, if they can follow The Weeknd’s lead … and resist the urge to buy his...

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Versace Family Feels Victimized by 'American Crime Story' Producers

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Gianni Versace‘s family is livid and disgusted at everyone who contributed in the TV re-creation of the bloody murder scene. Our Versace family sources say they can’t believe the current owners of Gianni’s Miami Beach mansion — now the Villa Casa Casuarina — gave full access to producers of “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.” In particular they’re appalled the show was able to dramatize the death scene on the very steps Gianni was gunned down.  We’re told Donatella is still devastated over her brother’s death and believes Gianni was so private he never would have wanted the grizzly murder exploited for a TV movie. As we reported … filming began at the now luxury hotel back in May where ‘ACS’ set up shop for almost an entire month. The family tells TMZ they didn’t sign off on the project and had no involvement in the production, and they feel there are enough inaccuracies that the miniseries should be considered a work of fiction. Donatella has already said she will NOT watch the show. That said, we’re told family friends have already screened the first episode and were APPALLED to watch the horrifying murder. The family plans no legal action … fact is, it’s virtually impossible to win a case like this.  We have reached out to the Villa Casa Casuarina … so far no word...

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Naomi Campbell Celebrates MLK Day Early with Tribute Hat

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Naomi Campbell wanted people to know two things a week before Martin Luther King Jr. Day — she loves the guy … and don’t talk to her. Paps got the supermodel Monday night at JFK Airport in NYC, where she was covered in black attire from head to toe — with an MLK hat as the crown jewel on top. Unclear if the all-black getup is directly connected to King Jr., but it could be a #MeToo thing. She spoke out about abuse in the fashion industry in November, telling the BBC … “I think before it gets better it’s going to get worse.” #martinlutherking YourDream will not be diminished #I HAVE A DREAM ❤❤❤❤❤❤👊🏾 A post shared by Naomi Campbell (@iamnaomicampbell) on Jan 16, 2017 at 9:28am PST Naomi has paid tribute to King Jr. in the past … she posted an IG message in his honor last year, and even gave him a shout-out for his birthday a few years before that. Happy 84th Birthday Martin Luther king #ihadadream #gratitude x N — Naomi Campbell (@NaomiCampbell) January 16, 2013 Never too early to pay your respects to the civil rights icon — that much is...

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