Jessica Alba Shows off Baby Bump In Hawaii

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Jessica Alba‘s got her third bun in the oven … and she’s making sure it gets plenty of sun. Alba’s currently enjoying summer in Hawaii on the heels of news she’s having another kid. She’s already mom to 2 daughters — 9-year-old Honor and 5-year-old Haven — with husband Cash Warren. There’s no doubt that Alba’s a MILF and looks incredible in nothing but a bikini and baby bump, although she might want to apply sunscreen more liberally, especially when it comes to her belly. Source Article from...

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Bella Thorne Shows Nipple, Wears Captain's Hat and See-Through Top in Hollywood

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Bella Thorne‘s not lost at sea — she’s exactly where she wants to be … and wearing the appropriate nipple-freeing attire. Bella channeled her inner David Lee Roth by rocking a captain’s hat and a flaming hot shirt out in Hollywood Saturday night … and added a see-through white top for her own personal touch. She was with a new dude too — not Blackbear or Scott Disick — but rather “The Young and the Restless” actor, Max Ehrich. We can only say  … Rock on,...

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Jessica Alba Shows Off Baby Bump Sunbathing in Hawaii

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Jessica Alba‘s now tanning for 2 … and has no problem flaunting it either. The actress put her baby bump on full display as she lounged at the beach in Hawaii Tuesday. Alba’s on a babymoon getaway after announcing Monday she’s expecting her third child with husband, Cash Warren. Although she’s a mom these days, and expecting another, ya can’t see Jessica sunbathing without reminiscing about her most famous beach pose … from more than a decade ago. It really is like a fine wine. Source Article from...

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Kanye West Sends Yeezys to Help Inspirational Fan Walk Again

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Kanye West is a shoe-in when it comes to inspirational stories.  The rapper heard the story of Tyler Wesley, a fan who suffered a devastating spinal cord injury 5 years ago in a roll-over car accident. A C-4 vertebrae break on his neck left him paralyzed from the shoulders down. Progress ⚽️🙏🏾 A post shared by Tyler Wesley (@t_wes44) on Jan 29, 2017 at 6:14pm PST Tyler’s defied the odds — doctors told him he wouldn’t walk again but he’s literally taken steps to get back on his feet with the help of therapists and a walker. Ye was so moved he sent Tyler custom white Yeezy Boosts 350 along with a note … “You show the world anything is...

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J.J. Watt Shades LaVar Ball, Your ZO2 Shoes Suck!

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Another day, another enemy for LaVar Ball … this time it’s NFL superstar J.J. Watt who roasted Ball over the ZO2s … saying they suck, are overpriced … and most importantly, Watt’s shoes are better. Watt took to Twitter to announce the release of his $99 Reebok training shoe and took the time to call out Ball when he did it … posting a not-so-subtle shot at the Big Baller Brand boss. “400 dollars less than some shoes on the market and 100% more effective” … “And I actually wear them.” LaVar and Lonzo‘s sneakers retail for $495. Lonzo’s been killin’ it in the NBA Summer League … but only since he stopped wearing the ZO2s … and switched to Kobe‘s Nikes and Harden‘s Adidas kicks. Shots...

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Pitbull Rocks Baby Jersey At Home Run Derby And Gets Roasted

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Mr. 305 needs to loosen up a little bit, actually, probably a lot … Social media had all kinds of slander for Pitbull after he rocked this extra smedium baseball jersey and tiny pants at the MLB Home Run Derby in Miami Monday night, and it was hilarious. Here’s some of our favorites. “Look I don’t care If Trump didn’t know, that Pitbull outfit happened on his watch.” “Who crushed the most balls at the Home Run Derby? RT for Pitbull’s pants, Like for Aaron Judge” “If I never have to see Pitbull in a baseball uniform ever again that would be great.” No response from Pitbull yet, but let’s face it, his body did all the talking it had...

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Kendall Jenner Takes a Dip in See-Through Black Dress at Mykonos Beach Party

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Kendall Jenner doesn’t need a bathing suit to go swimming at the beach … her see-through dress will do just fine. Kendall was at a beach party with Bella Hadid Sunday on the Greek island of Mykonos, where she decided to take a dip in a transparent black dress … champagne bottle in hand and all. Kendall and Bella have been on a bit of a Eurotrip of sorts … bouncing around from Paris to London for Pride and now Greece in a matter of about a week. As for the wardrobe malfunction here, she clearly doesn’t seem to mind how tightly the wet dress clings to her body — and, frankly, neither do we.  The real question: who’s the dude flinging her around? Better call...

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Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid Wear Rainbow Cowboy Hats at Pride Parade in London

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Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid held hands and joined up with more than 25,000 people at the Pride Parade in London … in matching rainbow cowboy hats. The colorful gals took part in the annual march through central London — now in its 45th year — Saturday to celebrate the LGBTQ community. They also showed off their abs … as a bonus. London’s mayor said the event was their biggest ever and is the “best antidote” to recent tragedies and terrorist attacks in...

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Kylie & Kendall Jenner Sued by Famed Photographer for Tupac T-Shirts

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Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been slapped with a lawsuit for straight-up jacking Tupac Shakur pics and trying to profit off the work … so claims the famed photographer in a new suit. Renowned photographer Michael Miller — whose portfolio includes Eazy-E, Angelina Jolie and Jack Nicholson — says he never gave the sisters permission to use his pics, much less to sell them on their website. The shirts have since been taken down, but that’s clearly not good enough for him. In docs, obtained by TMZ, Michael says he never wanted to work with the Jenners, especially Kendall following her PR disasters (We’re guessing he’s talkin’ Pepsi). As we reported … the Notorious B.I.G. estate threatened to sue the sisters if they didn’t take down the shirts. The sisters did and apologized, but Michael’s not budging. He’s suing for any profits they made off the shirts. We’ve reached out to Kylie and Kendall, so far no word...

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Fruit of the Loom Sues Fruit of the Tomb for Jacking its Name

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Fruit of the Loom is trying to pants the company it says got into the name game a little too late — like, 124 years too late. The iconic underwear company is suing En Grande, claiming its Fruit of the Tomb clothing brand is a total ripoff. In the docs, Fruit of the Loom says that doesn’t fly because of the obvious similarity to its handle. FOTL says its roots go back to 1891 when it first made its mark — trade, not skid — in the underwear game. Basically, the Loom crew thinks it’s pretty cute Tomb tried to do the same in 2015. Loom says it warned Tomb to shut down operations, but it ignored the demand and launched last year. Fruit of the Loom is suing for damages. Fruit of the Tomb’s co-owner tells TMZ … their products are nowhere near what the underwear company sells and their brand names have different meanings. We’re told — if anything — it’s a parody, and they will fight the lawsuit … and keep selling...

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